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The Stove cafe is a community cafe that employs young, local people, and is “not for profit” – which means that after covering our operating costs, any profit is re-invested into the cafe and Stove Network to help facilitate community groups, events and gigs in our building venue and around Dumfries. Our programme of activity is open to all and includes word, visual, music and food events which are run across daytime, evenings and weekends.

We support the local economy and are proud of our partnerships with local food producers and suppliers. We serve a range of healthy, fresh homemade soups, stews, sandwiches and salads that are made daily. You can also indulge in treats and cakes, all supplied by a local baker. You will find a selection of Vegan and Vegetarian options across our Menu. We see the cafe as a place and space to be used and enjoyed by all the community.

Cafe. Community. Creativity. Its what we are.


Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff…

One of the best places for vegan grub…

Amazing staff and a superb asset to Dumfries…

Delightful snacks and coffee in an excellent location…

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Wed – Sat:  9.30am – 14.00pm

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