Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some good questions about The Stove Network

  1. How did the Stove’s base at 100 High Street come about?
  1. What is special about the Stove café?
    • A bespoke cafe on the ground floor of the building is central to the vision for 100 High Street as an accessible arts space for the general public and as a meeting place for the public.
    • The café is more than just a simple café, it offers additional benefits for the town … e.g. late night opening, events and gigs, training and social enterprise, local sustainable food policy.
    • We commissioned the arts collective Open Jar to help research the vision for the ‘café’. Open Jar consulted with food producers and other people locally with an interest in food policy, training, education, health, etc.
    • The café is run by the Stove’s Trading Arm with all profits passed back to the main Stove charity.
  1. I heard that The Stove Network is a Regularly Funded Organisation by Creative Scotland does this mean we are rich?
    • No – unfortunately not. Whilst it is great news that we have the ongoing support of Creative Scotland and the security of being able to rely on a sum of money for the next three years we were actually awarded only a small percentage of our core running costs and yearly programming costs. This means that we still have a mountain to climb in earning the money The Stove Network and the Stove building needs to keep going.
  1. Can I bring a project proposal to The Stove for them to help fund/produce it?
    • YES – definitely! We want The Stove Network to be a catalyst for people to do amazing things – in the region, nationally and internationally. However, there is a process that proposals brought to The Stove Network will go through. The Stove has a position on the kind of work that it makes and supports. This position is applied by the Curatorial Team when deciding whether we can take your idea forward. Please read our Artistic Policy.
  1. Who/what is the Curatorial team? Can anyone join? How?
    • The current Curatorial Team is the group of artists who started The Stove Network and who have steered it to the position it is now in.
    • There are currently four members of the CT – Katie Anderson, Matt Baker, Katharine Wheeler and Martin Joseph O’Neill.
    • If anyone wants to join the CT they should get in touch with the Stove Network through the main address – [email protected].
    • Please see Curatorial Team Roles & Responsibilities for more info about how the CT functions and how you can apply to join.
  1. How do I approach The Stove Network to find out more about what they are doing and how I can get involved?
  1. Is The Stove political?
    • The Stove is completely neutral with regard to Party Politics. We will engage with politicians in working towards our aims and objectives, however The Stove will never express support for any politician or political party. Read the rest of our political policy here